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Everest Stoked To Open For Neil Young and Wilco
December 4, 2008 2:04 PM

Photo: Dominic DiSaia

Talk about the dream gig of a lifetime...

Everest, an up-and-coming alt-country outfit from Los Angeles, are currently in the midst of opening a string of dates with Wilco and Neil Young!!!

"It's the most amazing thing we've ever done," says frontman Russell Pollard, who we caught up with at a tour stop at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. "We get to watch two of our favorite acts perform every night."

Veteran players on the L.A. scene, the five dudes in Everest hooked up in 2006. "One day, we all just sat around my house listening to records and we started playing demos for each other," says Pollard. "A week later we were in the studio."

Everest quickly got picked up by Neil Young's record label, Vapor Records, after Young got a hold of some of their demos. "It didn't involve the stereotypical big label signing bonus BS that never works out," Pollard said. "It really worked out well for us, man." They put out their debut LP, Ghost Notes, last May, and by summertime, they were on the road with My Morning Jacket.

But nothing compares to sharing a stage with Wilco and Young. "It's surreal! it's an honor!" says Pollard. "It's a dream come true for us."

The cherry on top might come at the final tour stop in New York, where the triple-bill will play Madison Square Garden on December 15th and 16th. "We're planning on playing a song with them," Pollard says. "It's in the works!"