"Ghost Notes" - Wonka Vision Magazine Review

Everest – “Ghost Notes”
Published July 30th, 2008

The musicians who make up Everest don’t have names that will likely ring any bells, but you’ll definitely recognize some of the bands they’ve been a part of—Sebadoh, Earlimart, The Watson Twins, Folk Implosion, and John Vanderslice. Based in Los Angeles, Everest are part of an emerging scene of artists who value ambiance when making late afternoon, front-porch rock—the songs on Ghost Notes having the warmth of a classic rock album recorded in the ’70s using vintage equipment. There are reference points for many of Everest’s songs, “Trees” sounds like a Damnwells track, while the keys on “Into Your Soft Heart” blends Wilco’s pop sensibility with The Black Crowes’ tripped-out take on hazy southern rock. If the first half of Ghost Notes represents the band’s softer side, the second half picks up the pace in various places. “Black Covers” features a guitar crescendo midway though the songs that’s ripped right out of Pavement’s seminal Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain album, and “Stumble Waltz” and “I See It in Your Eyes” showcase the influence of Neil Young. Ghost Notes is a great album to get lost in while listening through headphones on a warm summer day or a long, back-roads drive.[By: Chip Midnight]

Rating: 5/5