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Looking at their collective resumes it's tough to imagine that Everest haven't been buried in fawning press; you see Everest features current and past members of the bands Earlimart, Sebadoh, Alaska!, The Watson Twins, Great Northern, and Stanford Prison Experiment, and that leaves a lot of room for comparisons, and more importantly, high expectations. Happily, they live up to the expectations, and most of the story lately has been focused on how generously they've rewarded fans of Neil Young, Wilco, and Death Cab For Cutie who arrived early enough for their opening set on the recent US tour they did together. In fact, several reviewers commented that Everest absolutely delivered as the new face of American rock and roll. Well, since we can't get it dark or smokey enough in here for a real rock show, we've talked the guys into stripping it back and showing us their softer side. It didn't take much convincing, you see as great as they are drowned in sound, this is a band that shines when they're quiet almost as bright as when they're full out blazing - you can see a video of a couple stripped down tracks here (they are about halfway down the page). There are other videos on their myspace, including a version of "Rockin' the Free World" with Neil and the boys in Wilco that will make you even more disappointed that their tour-stop at the Forum got canceled.