Please Vote.

09 17 2008

The above drawing by artist Nikki McClure says it all. If you want to effect change in this country, you have to actively get involved and in the very least... vote! This year we'll be filling out absentee ballots from the road as we'll be in Kansas City for Election Day. If you're not already registered to vote, our friends at Rock The Vote offer an easy way to get you registered. Click the following link:



Home Is a Suitcase.

09 04 2008

Hi there.

We're back in Los Angeles for a spell ... been living out of vans more than our homes since May, and it doesn't look like that will change for a while. That said, we're completely thrilled to be spending the Fall and early Winter touring with Neil Young, Death Cab For Cutie, and Wilco! To say that it's a dream come true would be an understatement. We just got home from a West Coast tour with the wonderful Parson Red Heads. I can't say enough about this band. They're bright and their songs made us smile night after night, and sing every morning. It was a pleasure to hang out with them and share some memories. To Evan, Sam, Brette, Erin, Aaron, Charlie, Dane, David, and the rest of their lovely clan.. THANK YOU! You made the trip incredible. Special thanks to Evan for all his hard work setting up the tour. If you live in LA, they're playing Amoeba next Wednesday.


Everest, one of Alan McGee's Bands of 2008!!

08 18 2008

Visit the link below to read Alan McGee's Blog.



On The Road Again

08 16 2008

Hello all,
We're going to be back out on the road again. A west coast jaunt kicked off in San Francisco at The Outside Lands Festival!
We're getting the tour rig primed and ready and hope to see you out there.

8.23.08 Outside Lands Festival (w/ Tom Petty, Ben Harper, M. Ward, Devendra Banhart)
8.24.08 Old Ironsides (w/ Parson Red Heads, An Angle)
8.26.08 Tractor Tavern (w/ Parson Red Heads, Elder Mason)
8.27.08 The Space (w/ Parson Red Heads, Easterly)
8.28.08 The Artistery (w/ The Parson Red Heads & Oh Darling)

Here's a link to a cool article on us:


Come out and see us!


Euro Tour 08 With MMJ

07 08 2008

Well....were do I begin, I suppose by saying this tour has been amazing, spiritual, eye opening, tasty, and.....fun as all get out!
We've shared the stage with My Morning Jacket for several shows and it's been so fantastic. The nicest guys in the world, and such a good band!
Jim, Bo, and Carl have joined us on some of the shows to play Bob Dylan's, "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere". Its a pleasure to play with those dudes for sure.
I'll fill in the details in a massive journal entry once we get home, but for now its gotta be the short overview. We are well and happy to be in Europe and
touring with friends and peers.

Oh...and...we played with Neil Young in Ireland last week!! All I can say is it was a dream come true for us. He is a hero, and he plays his heart out every
night. He's a living example of purity.

More very soon,



A Day In The Life

07 03 2008

Hello from a loft in Berlin above the club... What a city! We're staying across the street from one of the last standing pieces of the Berlin wall. We're finally out of the van for a bit, and have a long time between soundcheck and show, so we're currently trying to catch up on sleep, emails, paying bills, conversing, etc. Apologies that we haven't been able to update the site much lately but we've been traveling so much we haven't been able to sit and connect with the interweb much. I'd love to fill you in on each moment of the last few days, but "hello" will have to do for now.


This is happening.

06 29 2008

On to Dublin...

06 28 2008

Yesterday was a memorable one. Started the day with a jaunt around Bristol, home to Massive Attack and Portishead, and as I was soon to discover ... Banksy (above). It's incredible to round a corner in a fancy new condo-encrusted neighborhood and find yourself staring at a church built in the year 1200. Some of the buildings had age-old facades that disguised shiny new skeletons just behind, remnants and reminders of the bombings these towns bravely withstood during The War. History is all around us, and our drives between British towns are so eye opening it makes it really tough to fall asleep. In a good way.



06 26 2008

We arrived in Sheffield and went to a place called Banker's Draft for a pint. The last time I've been in this town was ten years ago, and I don't recall hanging out much, just playing the show and heading to the next one, so it was nice to sit down and get a feel for the town.The show was pretty cool, we played to a half full room at the Leadmill. They seemed into the show about midway through and we enjoyed our set. My Morning Jacket came out and killed it luke warm audience.

On to Bristol:

This is a beautiful city, full of life and cafes and clubs and smiling faces. We're playing The Academy, a nice sized room with a cool vibe. We're looking forward to playing here tonight. More on that later.


In England!!!

06 25 2008

We landed yesterday and were picked up at the airport by our our friend and brother Ajay.
We piled into a small van and rambled up the M1 towards the north. We stopped at a roadside
service area and sat down for a meal at Little Chef. A personal favorite. We had English Breakfast
which for the vegetarian consists of a fried egg, beans, toast, fired tomato, mushrooms and veggie sausage.
the meat eater my find the egg, and several other meats on the plate! Wow...much more to write about...gotta go
to soundcheck now....to be continued....

Whooo Hooooooo!!