Ottawa Morning

12 03 2008

We're 3 shows into the tour and it's been even more amazing than we'd imagined. So far the crowds have been even larger and more intense. There's a lot of smiling going on, and I think that everyone involved wishes this tour could go on longer. The Wilco guys are blowing our minds every night with their playing, and it's definitely inspiring me to step it up. And, to boot, they are great to hang out with and are complete gentlemen. The other night Jeff Tweedy said that it was an honor to be sharing the stage with Neil and us, and my heart pert' near exploded. There have been some pretty surreal utopian moments out here. At one point last night, all three bands were working on new songs at the same time. Neil was on stage sound checking new jams with his band, while both Wilco and ourselves had our gear in our huge hockey dressing rooms working away on new ideas. There was a bizarre mashup of Neil, Everest, and Wilco all at once!


Leg 2 Begins...

11 28 2008

Hello from Halifax, Nova Scotia. We're looking out at the Atlantic Ocean right now from our hotel in this beautiful eastern Canadian port. We just arrived after flying to Newark where we rented a van and did the drive up into Canada. So far, all has been going smoothly. We drove all day yesterday before stopping in Woodstock, New Brunswick. The sole inhabitants of a Howard Johnson hotel, it felt a little bit like The Shining. After a foggy but beautiful drive we crossed the border from Maine into New Brunswick. The border guard recognized us as Everest and mentioned that he was going to the show (a 5 hour drive from there). He also told us to get some rest. A nice welcome back to Canada.... and I must say that the Canadians have been lovely to us so far, much like Leg 1. The only possible exception to that was an intense woman who asked to see our van at a gas station today. We said "sure" but our smiles quickly turned to bewilderment when she told us that if we were in a wreck, we'd have "no chance of life." She put the spook on us for sure, and we all piled back into the van scratching our heads while strapping on our seatbelts. In any event, here we are...


Leg 1 of Neil Young North American tour

10 29 2008

Today is Tuesday, October, 28. We have a day off at home today in Los Angeles, resting and recovering from our days on the road with Neil Young and Death Cab For Cutie. It's a bit strange trying to make heads or tails out of things at the moment as the past few weeks have been like a dream that you cannot and do not wish to wake from.

Let me begin by saying what an honor and a privilege it is to be on tour with Neil Young. He and his band are mind blowing every single night and it is a dream come true to get to see him perform his songs night after night. To have the opportunity to get to know him and talk with him has been very meaningful to say the least.


Oh, Canada!

09 30 2008

Our record "Ghost Notes" will be released by Warner Music in Canada on October 14th in conjunction with our tour with Neil Young... We're looking forward to seeing 8 of the major Canadian cities and 6 of the provinces on this trip. If you live in Canada, come say hello to us and tell us the good places to grub in your town!


Please Vote.

09 17 2008

The above drawing by artist Nikki McClure says it all. If you want to effect change in this country, you have to actively get involved and in the very least... vote! This year we'll be filling out absentee ballots from the road as we'll be in Kansas City for Election Day. If you're not already registered to vote, our friends at Rock The Vote offer an easy way to get you registered. Click the following link:


Home Is a Suitcase.

09 04 2008

Hi there.

We're back in Los Angeles for a spell ... been living out of vans more than our homes since May, and it doesn't look like that will change for a while. That said, we're completely thrilled to be spending the Fall and early Winter touring with Neil Young, Death Cab For Cutie, and Wilco! To say that it's a dream come true would be an understatement. We just got home from a West Coast tour with the wonderful Parson Red Heads. I can't say enough about this band. They're bright and their songs made us smile night after night, and sing every morning. It was a pleasure to hang out with them and share some memories. To Evan, Sam, Brette, Erin, Aaron, Charlie, Dane, David, and the rest of their lovely clan.. THANK YOU! You made the trip incredible. Special thanks to Evan for all his hard work setting up the tour. If you live in LA, they're playing Amoeba next Wednesday.


Everest, one of Alan McGee's Bands of 2008!!

08 18 2008

Visit the link below to read Alan McGee's Blog.


On The Road Again

08 16 2008

Hello all,
We're going to be back out on the road again. A west coast jaunt kicked off in San Francisco at The Outside Lands Festival!
We're getting the tour rig primed and ready and hope to see you out there.

8.23.08 Outside Lands Festival (w/ Tom Petty, Ben Harper, M. Ward, Devendra Banhart)
8.24.08 Old Ironsides (w/ Parson Red Heads, An Angle)
8.26.08 Tractor Tavern (w/ Parson Red Heads, Elder Mason)
8.27.08 The Space (w/ Parson Red Heads, Easterly)
8.28.08 The Artistery (w/ The Parson Red Heads & Oh Darling)

Here's a link to a cool article on us:

Come out and see us!


Euro Tour 08 With MMJ

07 08 2008

Well....were do I begin, I suppose by saying this tour has been amazing, spiritual, eye opening, tasty, as all get out!
We've shared the stage with My Morning Jacket for several shows and it's been so fantastic. The nicest guys in the world, and such a good band!
Jim, Bo, and Carl have joined us on some of the shows to play Bob Dylan's, "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere". Its a pleasure to play with those dudes for sure.
I'll fill in the details in a massive journal entry once we get home, but for now its gotta be the short overview. We are well and happy to be in Europe and
touring with friends and peers.

Oh...and...we played with Neil Young in Ireland last week!! All I can say is it was a dream come true for us. He is a hero, and he plays his heart out every
night. He's a living example of purity.

More very soon,



A Day In The Life

07 03 2008

Hello from a loft in Berlin above the club... What a city! We're staying across the street from one of the last standing pieces of the Berlin wall. We're finally out of the van for a bit, and have a long time between soundcheck and show, so we're currently trying to catch up on sleep, emails, paying bills, conversing, etc. Apologies that we haven't been able to update the site much lately but we've been traveling so much we haven't been able to sit and connect with the interweb much. I'd love to fill you in on each moment of the last few days, but "hello" will have to do for now.