Buzz Bands LA Show

09 16 2011

Everest will be playing the Buzz Bands LA’s Three-Year Anniversary on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at the Echo. Joining them will be Hands and Death to Anders . The show will be co-presented by 88.5 KCSN (home of the “LA Buzz Bands Show” on Sunday nights) and Popchips, who will provide free snacks to the first 100 guests. Tickets ($8) are on sale here— but you can score a spot on the $5 cash discount list by RSVPing to buzzbandsla(at)gmail(dot)com. More details later.


Tune In Tonight!

09 12 2011

Our song, "Unfortunate Sea" will be featured in tonight's episode of "Weeds" on Showtime. Tune in and check it out!


Sunset Junction blues?

08 24 2011

Come hang out at our FREE solar powered show this SAT us w/ Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit in Long Beach @ Busker Fest. Get all the info HERE!


Free Song On Facebook

06 29 2011

Head over to our Facebook page and download "Into The Grey" for Free! It's only up for a limited amount of time to grab it now and tell all your friends!


Later Rivals

05 31 2011

Checkin' in. We're playing a festival show in San Diego next Sunday for our friends at FM94/9 ( and then off for a west coast theatre tour with My Morning Jacket that will take us back to Vancouver for the first time in a while (pirate map in hand). Looking forward to the trip. MMJ's new record Circuital is out this week, and I encourage you to buy it... I love it, a special record indeed. Gives me chills. After our tour with them, we'll be heading to the midwest for some festival dates including Taste of Chicago with The Jayhawks, and our first time playing Milwaukee Summerfest. We'll announce all the details to that stuff soon...


Hello interweb. So we meet again.

05 18 2011

Hi. So, ermm... honestly how do you like this website? Is it working out? Got any comments or suggestions, we're an ear. We probably don't use it enough but we'll be better about that in the coming months. We've just had our heads down working hard both playing shows and recording a new record with our friend/co-conspirator/producer/genius ........... Richard Swift in Cottage Grove, OR. You can visit him here:

We're toying with Elijah's idea of some sort of podcast. Most definitely a rambling and personal mess. We'll talk about recording, vintage guitars, global climate change, basketball, surf reports, the bear flag republic, whatever is on our frantic minds. Maybe it will entertain you, but mostly it will entertain us...

Over there <- you'll see our new lead singer, my nephew Alexander! Well until nap time, that is.

Hope your summer is filled with light,
more soon.


03 31 2011


"Let Go" on BETA TV

03 07 2011


02 17 2011

Residencies in February

01 27 2011

Everest is pleased to announce a series of weekly residencies in February. The band will be playing Mondays in Los Angeles, Tuesdays in San Diego and Thursdays in San Francisco. Check the "shows" section for a complete list of dates and venues for each city. Check out Everest in your city and help us spread the word!