Dear Bonnie { October 9, 2013 }

10 09 2013

Hope you are doing well! Looks like rain is making it's first appearance for the year out here in the woods (somewhere around the fringes of LAaaaaaa).... Nice morning to enjoy a coffee and catch up on catching up... How are you Bonnie? It's so good to be home with some time off, but my desire to drag this summer out forever is meeting its end. Bring on the new season! We're all home now, catching up on life and renewing ourselves after a summer of touring. I think we all made it home feeling exhausted but satisfied with some progress that we could see and feel. We played some of our best shows of our lives, and the crowds... well... the people out there who support us filled our tanks and our memory banks for the next curve ahead, wherever it make take us. I think we're in a really healthy place both as individuals and as a band. So - what's next? Our plans are still taking form. It feels like a good time to be a little insular and take things off of the radar for a little while, so you might not see or hear from us much until we're ready ... So, pay no mind to the radio silence. It's a good thing.

Sending LOVE from all of us!



Dear Bonnie { July 25th, 2013 }

07 26 2013

Dear Bonnie,

My apologies, as it's been a while since I've written... It's not that we haven't been thinking about you, but it's just been such a whirl that I've rarely found time to be contemplative. But now, let the keys go clickity-clack...

We just finished Leg #2 of our summer tour, and it's been an important time of growth for us as a unit. New beginnings, new fire... chemistry is clicking, feeling strong. We are very lucky to have Dan Bailey and Aaron Lee Tasjan in the fold. What they're adding to our mix is something that should be experienced, and I'll leave it at that. The band is about to embark on a West Coast run in mid-August:

Aug 16 Crystal Bay Club - Crystal Bay, NV
Aug 18 Jackson Village Commons - Jackson Hole, WY
Aug 19 Top Hat - Missoula, MT
Aug 21 Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA
Aug 22 Electric Owl Social Club - Vancouver, BC
Aug 23 Doug Fir - Portland, OR
Aug 24 Eugene Celebration - Eugene, OR
Aug 25 Axe & Fiddle - Cottage Grove, OR
Aug 27 Humboldt Brews - Humboldt, CA
Aug 28 Cafe du Nord - San Francisco, CA
Aug 29 The Satellite - Los Angeles, CA


Dear Bonnie { January 31st, 2013 }

01 31 2013

Dear Bonnie,

Thought this would bring a smile to your face... here's a candid snap from last month, when Mulligan awarded Eli his winnings from the tour football pool. You know Eli, so, you know how much he relished this victory. And rightfully so. Came down to the final game between Eli and Ralphie! I landed in the middle of the pack, but at least I beat Poncho and Billy. The photo was taken on-stage right after The Horse soundchecked. Neil, lookin' sharp. We were spread pretty thin on this tour, so we didn't really get to catch up as much as I would have liked. We're learning so much right now. The first-hand Crazy Horse life lessons ... well, we took those in like soup to our tired souls. And, we were nourished. Your old pal (and my life guru) Mr. Dominic DiSaia was behind the lens. Bonnie, you are somewhere in this photo. In fact, you are everywhere in this photo. Thank you for all that you give.

Here's a moment from another time when we missed you something fierce! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0daPiO9UJcw

dave and album.jpg

Cheers to a new year ... beers for the one past ...

12 18 2012

Happy Holidays friends, thanks for stoping by this 'ol rickety and antiquated web site.

We just got home from a run of dates opening for Neil Young with Crazy Horse. Even now that it's behind us, it's kind of hard to compute. Wow, that really just happened. What a learning experience as always, getting to spend time with Neil and his buddies with that deep pocket heavy groove. Many cherished moments that we'll store away in our memory banks, a lot of knowledge shared and gleaned. We worked our asses off to pull it off. We got the chance to play Madison Square Garden (for the third time?!!) in the midst of bizarre union ?mafia? restrictions and a crushing adrenaline rush. All DIY ... no crew, just us. And, in the middle of it all, we got to fly to Chicago to play WXRT's amazing holiday show with Band of Horses and Alabama Shakes in the most beautiful theatre we'd ever seen. It was a remarkable trip. Wish I could tell just a few hundred of a thousand stories to ya. Before I forget them.. Oh well. Let's make some new memories.

everest troub 2.jpeg

Make Time To Get Lost

08 02 2012

For those of you who came out to see us during our July tour across the country, who shared a story, a smile or a drink....We appreciate you. Some of you made us cupcakes in our likeness', and brought us craftsman Guitars(Knaggs), and duct tape wallets. Many of you became our friends and we felt like we'd always known you, some of you taught us how to Kayak, catch blue crab and then...eat them. Many of you accepted us into your homes and treated us like family. There were those who took pictures of us and shared them, who came early and stayed late so they could meet us and get signed copies of our new record, "Ownerless," and bought our shirts and supported us. Thank you. We were on fire at these shows, burning with an energy that i've personally never known and I feel a fundamental change in my soul as a result. Thank you to all who've come out to share this with me and the gang...it means the world. As i feel it is important to remind each other, I will leave you with the invaluable message of our dear friend, Cory Murchy................

With much love and respect,



Ownerless with Band Commentary

06 27 2012


Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 4.18.26 PM.png

It's finally here.

06 25 2012

We're excited and proud to announce the release this week of our new album Ownerless on ATO/Vapor Records. We're celebrating with a rooftop performance in Manhattan at the beautiful McKittrick Hotel (home to Sleep No More), then heading down to Washington DC to play at LivingSocial's 918 F Street on Tuesday night. There will be a few other events going on as well around the country, including Origami Vinyl hosting an album listening pizza party on Tuesday at 8pm. http://www.origamimusic.blogspot.com/2012/06/tuesday-everest-ownerless-l....

Screen Shot 2012-06-06 at 12.08.59 PM.png

"Let Go" covers!?

06 06 2012

Hi there... we're in the thick of album release preparations and shows in the greater DC/Annapolis/Baltimore area right now enjoying a residency with a truly solid music-lover radio station called WRNR, with the assist from Corona. For all of July, we're doing a North American tour w/ a band we're very excited to hang with, Alberta Cross! Also, it's probably old news at this point (never!) but we're thrilled that Neil Young has asked us to go out with Crazy Horse for run of North American dates in November & December. Kind of hard to process that thanks to Neil, we'll be playing Madison Square Garden for the third time! Can't wait to see your faces along the way.


Chomping at the bit.

05 21 2012

Hello hello.. Quick update, y'alls.

So, things are starting to get busy as we gear up for the June 26th release of our new album Ownerless. We've added a bunch of dates to the "shows" page and we will be adding many more soon, so please check back. Although I highly recommend listening to the whole group of tunes as an album... there are several songs already available to sample:

Rapture: http://www.spin.com/articles/grab-everests-brawny-rapture (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Hungry Ghost: http://www.mxdwn.com/2012/05/17/news/mxdwn-premiere-free-mp3-download-of... (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Give A Little: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/who-the-hell-is-everest-ep/id512597273


Here we come.

03 22 2012

Hi there. If you are just now checkin us out for the first time, we've just released a digital-only (for now) EP called Who the Hell IS Everest? It's is a funky stew that basically answers a question... with a question. Maybe it'll make more sense further down the road. There's one song that your cousin Susie might know from our 2nd record On Approach. There's a live tap into a deep root from our first record Ghost Notes. There's a look under the bed that reveals a hidden treasure. And then there's a little Love, from the not-so-distant future.

Many thanks to Sir Lawrence Azerrad for introducing us to the wonderful Nam-Chi Van, who created the cover during a performance by a band she'd never heard before. And.. who let us use it for the sake of kindness. Extra special thanks to artist Shayna Peveler and the gangsters at ATO Records for helping us to pull off the rest! New album is finished and is on the way. We're planning on a late June release, but here's a little something to digest in the meantime.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/who-the-hell-is-everest-ep/id512597273

1. Let Go (From the album On Approach)