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Make Time To Get Lost

08 02 2012

For those of you who came out to see us during our July tour across the country, who shared a story, a smile or a drink....We appreciate you. Some of you made us cupcakes in our likeness', and brought us craftsman Guitars(Knaggs), and duct tape wallets. Many of you became our friends and we felt like we'd always known you, some of you taught us how to Kayak, catch blue crab and them. Many of you accepted us into your homes and treated us like family. There were those who took pictures of us and shared them, who came early and stayed late so they could meet us and get signed copies of our new record, "Ownerless," and bought our shirts and supported us. Thank you. We were on fire at these shows, burning with an energy that i've personally never known and I feel a fundamental change in my soul as a result. Thank you to all who've come out to share this with me and the means the world. As i feel it is important to remind each other, I will leave you with the invaluable message of our dear friend, Cory Murchy................

With much love and respect,