Who the Hell IS Everest?

This digital only EP is a funky stew that basically answers a question... with a question. Maybe it'll make more sense further down the road. There's one song that your cousin Susie might know from On Approach, there's a live tap into a deep root from our first record Ghost Notes, there's a look under the bed that reveals a hidden treasure, and then there's a little Love from just around the corner.

Many thanks to Sir Lawrence Azerrad for introducing us to the wonderful Nam-Chi Van, who created the cover during a performance by a band she'd never heard before. And.. who let us use it for the sake of kindness. Extra special thanks to artist Shayna Peveler and the gangsters at ATO Records for helping us to pull off the rest! New album is finished and on the way.

1. Let Go (From the album On Approach)
2. Rebels in the Roses (Live in Lethbridge, AB, CAN)
3. By The Morning (Vinyl only B-side)
4. Give A Little (Unreleased song from forthcoming album)


Let Go 7" Single

Rare Let Go 7" vinyl 45 rpm single released for Independent Record Store Day in 2010. Also features unreleased B-Side "By The Morning." Can be found in plain black sleeve, or limited "Crapper Cover" by artist Desi Moore. *Free digital download code is included with both versions.*

A. Let Go
B. By The Morning (previously unreleased)


On Approach

Nestled in the rolling hills of Sonoma County California, On Approach was recorded in a town called Cotati in a converted ex-chicken farm gone belly up to full bown eat your heart out studio called Prairie Sun. Home to many but know by few, the studio gave us all we needed to bring these songs from ideas into realization. Each song representing a complete and different idea and head space, bringing the listener stories and feelings different from the last. Some of these songs had been around for while, being a secure part of the set during the touring seasons prior, while others were a surprise of the moment and captured as such. Produced by the band and engineered by Fritz Michaud, the basic tracking was done at Prairie Sun with as much attention and precision as possible. Then, back we went, to the neighboring car lots of Van Nuys Blvd, where New Monkey Studio once again became a familiar home to us as we put the final touches on what would be our second full length record. Rob Schnapf mixed the record at Sonora Recorders on a cream colored API. We drank beers and smiled. Mastered by Bernie Grundman from 1/4" to vinyl, the result is an accomplishment that we are proud to introduce. Available on 180gram Vinyl, CD and download.

Track Listing:
1. Let Go
2. I've Had This Feeling Before
3. Keeping the Score
4. Dots
5. Unfortunate Sea
6. East Illinois
7. Fallen Feather
8. House of 9's
9. Tall Buildings
10. The Rush
11. Catalyst

Download at iTunes or...

  1. Let Go listen
  2. Dots listen

Ghost Notes

We recorded "Ghost Notes" over a two week period in August 2007 at New Monkey Studio in the San Fernando Valley, California. The album was produced, engineered and mixed by our good friend and Los Angeles music studio veteran, Mike Terry. It was a fun one to make. We sat in a cozy room, told stories and played songs. Wrote weird quotes on a board, checked off little boxes on a big chart, ate at The Fog Hat, watched the wheels spin, smelled the warm tape and laughed. Oh and there was an earthquake. Our friends Richard, Davey, The Professor, Chandra, Leigh, and Johnathan lent their sublime talents and drank beer with us. As for Russ, Rob, J., and Joel... well, there's a new owl friend who helped us do our best. The vinyl version is now available and contains two 180 gram vinyl records in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. Hope you enjoy.

1. Rebels In The Roses
2. Trees
3. Into Your Soft Heart
4. Reloader
5. Only In Your Mind
6. Black Covers
7. Angry Storm
8. Stumble Waltz
9. I See It In Your Eyes
10. Standing By
11. Taking On The Future

Download at iTunes or....

  1. Only In Your Mind listen
  2. Taking On The Future listen
  3. Into Your Soft Heart listen
  4. Black Covers listen

Everest 12" & CD EP

"While the iron is hot." So they say. This was the first recording we made at New Monkey in December of 2006. The first time we ever played with Rob Douglas on bass and Davey Latter on drums was with the tape rolling. Our friend Mike Terry was there to press "record" and capture the fun. There was a windstorm that knocked out all the power on the block one night while we were recording. There was static in the air. But the weather didn't dampen our spirits. Different mixes of "Into Your Soft Heart" and "Only In Your Mind" would eventually make it onto our LP, Ghost Notes, but you can hear the infant versions on this disc. In fact, "You Burn Bright" is only available on this EP. We printed only 500 copies on 12" 45rpm vinyl, each hand numbered. Later, due to demand we also pressed up a limited run of cds with matching mini-vinyl style artwork, included with the purchase of the 12". Available here, at shows and Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, CA.

1. Into Your Soft Heart
2. You Burn Bright (only available here)
3. Only In Your Mind