Dear Bonnie { October 9, 2013 }

10 09 2013

Hope you are doing well! Looks like rain is making it's first appearance for the year out here in the woods (somewhere around the fringes of LAaaaaaa).... Nice morning to enjoy a coffee and catch up on catching up... How are you Bonnie? It's so good to be home with some time off, but my desire to drag this summer out forever is meeting its end. Bring on the new season! We're all home now, catching up on life and renewing ourselves after a summer of touring. I think we all made it home feeling exhausted but satisfied with some progress that we could see and feel. We played some of our best shows of our lives, and the crowds... well... the people out there who support us filled our tanks and our memory banks for the next curve ahead, wherever it make take us. I think we're in a really healthy place both as individuals and as a band. So - what's next? Our plans are still taking form. It feels like a good time to be a little insular and take things off of the radar for a little while, so you might not see or hear from us much until we're ready ... So, pay no mind to the radio silence. It's a good thing.

Sending LOVE from all of us!


Yes it is very important to by Alan Peterson (not verified)

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