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01 01 2012

Just wanted to post a quick update as we rush headlong into 2012... Our new record is mostly done and should be out late Spring. We recorded it over the last 6 months with our friend Richard Swift at National Freedom in Cottage Grove, OR; one song at Albini's Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL; some overdubs at New Monkey Studio in Van Nuys, CA; and finished up with a session that really clicked with Rob Schnapf at Mant Sounds in Glassell Park, CA. I think we all feel like we've done our best work yet and look forward to sharing it with you. Rob will start mixing it in about a week. Looks like we'll be doing some more residencies like we did in Chicago last summer, possibly in NorCal and in the Pacific Northwest, followed by a summer full of touring. It's kind of a time of transition for us... in a good way ... ch-ch-ch-ch-changes will abound in the next few months and we'll be posting news here as we get back into the swing of touring with a new LP on the shelves. Ok. Thanks for stopping by. Have a Corona. Merry New Year...

They focus on great places by lucas2014 (not verified)

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