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10 10 2011

Howdy pinhole canopy skippers, tiller toward the ink black sea booty stealers, and deep lost soul boatmissers ... we have a show in LA this week that we're pretty excited about. Jack O'Neill is the man with the pirate patch winking at you there.... He is also the fella credited with making the first wetsuit. All so he could body surf his favorite break near Santa Cruz in the 1950's, where the cold nutrient-rich waters make the "red triangle" such an, um, innaresting place to paddle out. Having grown up in the tumblers, we're pretty honored to be asked to headline this year's very special O'Neill fashion/rock show at the Avalon Theatre this coming Saturday. There will be a runway fashion show SoCal-style, as well as a design contest featuring the artful creations of 5 high school students. We're really happy to be involved for so many reasons, but I've got some personal ones to grin about:

The Avalon is more fondly known to many of us as The Palace. I can't tell you how many life changing shows I've seen there ... Top of the list for me was definitely seeing Fugazi three nights in a row. Might be the best live band I will ever see, for three completely unique sets of gut-wrench music from the improve punk jazz hearts of the most moral artists in music. Or Sleater-Kinney ... Sleater-Kinney! Definitely rivaled Fugazi for the live crown, with Carrie high kicking and windmilling her Gibson SG ... Janet proving that she is one of the greatest drummers ticking. Sonic Youth filled the place with the most thick and rich melodic noise that still gives me chills. Spiritualized was like a collect call from "God" and louder than Motorhead! Can't forget Spoon from sidestage, watching the boys triumphantly sell the place out. My sisters T&S nearly started a riot there with mass happy hysteria. And The Ramones. Of all the times I saw them, I think my favorite was in the pit at The Palace. Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee... how can you be gone? And of course Oh Captain, My Captain ... Mr. Mike Watt of Pedro, CA with the engine room manned by Vedder, Grohl, and Pat Smear. I'm excited to get back in there and play, it's definitely a room that inspired me to play the guitfiddle and to always give what the aforementioned gave Every Single Time they took that stage. To make the evening extra special, we were asked by O'Neill's Senior Design Director Whitney Morris to play the show. I call Whitney's husband Jon Morris "Teach" because he mentored me in my first real touring band. I met Jon while I was learning the ropes at Sound City Studios. His band was recording in the place that I considered Mecca (think "Nevermind") and at the end of the session they asked me if I'd go on tour and play with them. He's still more punk rawk than anyone else I know. It's almost hard to process still, but I remember looking over at him on stage during my first trip to New York City... at CBGB's! His "you done alright, kid" shit-eating grin is burned into my memory banks. We reconnected this year in San Diego, and now... here we are playing this amazing event. Super happy to be involved.

Tickets are still available now for a pre-order price, and it's expected to sell out. Tickets are $10 in advance online, or $15 at the door.
Here’s the link to purchase tickets: WantTickets.com
There's some info to be found here: http://oneillgirls.com/?s=generation+next&x=0&y=0
Also, the entire event will be broadcast live on: http://facebook.com/oneillgirls

OK. If you're reading this, say hi in the comment section if you want.. and if you're in town, hope to see you there. Much more news from us soon. We're working away on a bunch of new songs.

Music Is Love,

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