Later Rivals

05 31 2011

Checkin' in. We're playing a festival show in San Diego next Sunday for our friends at FM94/9 ( and then off for a west coast theatre tour with My Morning Jacket that will take us back to Vancouver for the first time in a while (pirate map in hand). Looking forward to the trip. MMJ's new record Circuital is out this week, and I encourage you to buy it... I love it, a special record indeed. Gives me chills. After our tour with them, we'll be heading to the midwest for some festival dates including Taste of Chicago with The Jayhawks, and our first time playing Milwaukee Summerfest. We'll announce all the details to that stuff soon...

It's been a fun and exhausting couple of months working our way through a batch of new songs with Richard Swift. We just finished up some sonic adornment at New Monkey Studio here in LA, and it's sounding like a record. Excited to share it with the world sooner than later... We took two different trips up to Cottage Grove, OR to record with Swift at his super chill and amazing National Freedom studio. We tracked songs to 16-track 2" tape on Swift's Studer machine that he bought from Wilco. That machine had been used to record a lot of classic Chicago-centric records including one of our favorites - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Everyone involved did such a good job, it's hard not to be proud of how we worked as a team. There are definitely some sonic surprises on the record but I think it sounds like Everest more than any recording we've ever done before. Still finding our way ... tapping into wells of selves for the greater good.

What else. Oh! Buffalo Springfield shows start this week. Tales of 20 minute Stills/Young guitar duels have been drifting down from rehearsals up north. Can't wait to see the family. On another note, I guess we weren't famous enough to make the TV broadcast but we're going to be on the DVD/BluRay release of MusiCares: A Tribute To Neil Young performing one of the nastier songs of the night, Revolution Blues. I got to start the song off looking Neil right in the eye. It's out now. For some reason the Chili Peppers version of A Man Needs a Maid was left off the dvd... I wonder why?

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