Hello interweb. So we meet again.

05 18 2011

Hi. So, ermm... honestly how do you like this website? Is it working out? Got any comments or suggestions, we're an ear. We probably don't use it enough but we'll be better about that in the coming months. We've just had our heads down working hard both playing shows and recording a new record with our friend/co-conspirator/producer/genius ........... Richard Swift in Cottage Grove, OR. You can visit him here: http://richardswift.tumblr.com/

We're toying with Elijah's idea of some sort of podcast. Most definitely a rambling and personal mess. We'll talk about recording, vintage guitars, global climate change, basketball, surf reports, the bear flag republic, whatever is on our frantic minds. Maybe it will entertain you, but mostly it will entertain us...

Over there <- you'll see our new lead singer, my nephew Alexander! Well until nap time, that is.

Hope your summer is filled with light,
more soon.