The Ever Present Tense.

12 15 2010

On Thanksgiving, we found ourselves under California stars for the first time in 61 nights.

This is so I don't forget.

Tour started on the hottest day Los Angeles has ever known, September past. Welcome aboard, Marcos. We dove into Sedona skies and nights of deer dodging drives. East bound, not down. Welcome aboard, Lauren. Living in a Maxwell House with Gay in Nashville City. Guster friendships forged. Heidi Ross Picture Show. Davey's first karaoke. Pizza poolside party hang with Howard. Band practice in Columbia and Covington.

NYC. A return to 30 Roc to meet Jimmy Fallon with surprise dressing room encouragement from Sweet Jack McBrayer. Given 3:45 minutes to kill, on national tele. Russell laid it down with ease and soul smiles, while in the red light crucible. Jason made us all move and shake. Davey seized the moment and the crowd's hearts and hands. The Roots smiled and danced before us, and loved on Elijah. Numbers were exchanged. Our brother received recognition that he has fought for. Sweat for. Been shot for. And deserves. Questlove tweets "instant fan of Everest. they kill. but their bass player is KILLLLLLLLLIN us right now on @latenightjimmy." A proud family shared a moment of ecstasy and celebration, that refilled our tanks for the next part of the journey. Drive. Drive. Puzzled by the KFC Yum Center in Louisville. Met up with kind light-filled beings known as Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. Food and focus in Asheville sunshine. The unforgettable joy that was the Orange Peel Pollard Drum Show. Sunny Point breckies. We fought off illness by hiking in the Appalachians. Happy to have Dapes back with us. Drive. Drive.

New York City, "skyscrapers and everythang." Again. Captain Kirk at The Merc. Chan and Diane jump aboard! The Elverest Viking Choir joined My Morning Jacket on Z night. Thoughts of Z. We visited the Rolling Stone offices and strummed to the hum of Manhattan traffic. Then, MMJ show. A night for Evil Urges gave way to Brotherly Loves. Jim, Bo, Carl, Tom & Patrick inspired us. Elijah texted with Quest. Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive... to Minneapolis to meet Sir Matt Costa and His Lovely Merry Amish Band. Happy to see our friend... Oh Captain, My Captain... Chris Fenn. Introduced ourselves to Madison with a slow brew setlist of semi-rarities. Played with vintage Gibson stars shining over our heads at Chicago Music Exchange for Marty and Norm and The Love of Music. Brother Zoran Orlic focused The Eye. Super Hero duo Kane & Marcus were by our side. We love Julie Muncy eternally for helping us again and again. It's not Detroit without Jerry C! Russell ninja'd the lanes. Then the Canadian return. Night at Niagara Falls, and the first snowfall of the season in Toronto landed on our noses. The "Elijah Thomsons" appeared on a Hallowed holiday, then off to meet the whiskey sidewalk sip cop in the French Canadian city of Montreal.

Back in the U.S.S.... back in the U.S.S...... back in the U.S.S.....A! for our first ever show in Maine and a most unforgettable night at The Inn On The Blues. Farthest east we've been since playing St. John's, Newfoundland. Paid the price on the air in Boston. Drummer summit backstage at The Paradise. Then ... wait for it.... New York City, Part Tres. Second home for this tour. Thomson family joined us for the sights and smells, and rode to DC with us. Family outting to the Wizards vs. Cavs game on an actual night off. Self guided walking tour filled our nervous systems with a sense of history, and the ever present tense. One last visit North to Philadelphia for songs and sips in a Church. Now able to gaze south and west with our homes nowhere near sight. Then, radio shows, bad burritos, and Charlottesville's amazing people. Special to play Rev Blues in Carrboro. We were treated like family at The Orange County Social Club, far from the OC we know. A missed call on the Costa bus, rolling to ATL. Atlanta felt like a flash, it went so fast. Deja vu, living in a Maxwell House with Gay in Nashville City, Part Dos. We Love Grimeys Records. Joy us ... confuse us ... oh Nashville night. Off to meet Jon Kenna's family in St. Louis and return to the club where the ceiling sweats and Eli's Gibson once brought blood from Jelly Roll's brow. 3rd trip to that town in as many months and we still didn't make it to the infamous City Museum. We shall return...

Our first show in Tulsa was at legendary Cain's. A dive and an 80's themed bar led back to the Costa bus ... and Kenna killed us with antics. Happy to have 'Cos. Oh Marcos. Sweet Meat. MartiCos. SpartiCos. Marcosian Institute of Technology ... carried out a laid-out-food-poisoned Jason Soda, after the warrior slayed in Dallas. Unforgettable homecoming for a guitarist who lights the fuse for all of us. So many good people at dinner in Austin. Ah Stubbs. Treated like cattle at the mercy of a chop house, in a former Mormon Mission. Lauren was home! Houston house hang with Andrew Dansby and elevator hang with Mike Ness. Not sure who was more of a character, Dansby or Ness. We Love Cactus Records. Drive. Drive. Look for "lights" in the West Texas desert. Marfa was all magic - with Gory Smelley, grilled cheese and an unsolved puzzle. We were lent a '67 Falcon by a deep soul, and promptly ended up pushing it through the town. Felt at home at Padre's. Then, the moment finally arrived for a desert race to the aforementioned California stars. Anaheim proved to be stronger and louder than any crowd on the entire trip! Wows.

61 days on the boat, as Watt would say. Felt like a sub with no windows at times. Thankful and proud, it was a healthy journey. Home sweetest home. I think we'll be ready to do it all again, in a minute. Or a month.

Happy holidays and thank you to everyone who keeps us afloat, we love you.

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