Strange things in the desert...

07 03 2010

On our way to the great state of New Jersey to start our second leg of our Summer tour with Minus the Bear. We're also finding strange things in the vast open nothingness that compel us to capture it and show it to you. This is what we think is a bar. There was an out of place "Bud Light" vinyl sign hanging from the fence. This was the impetus to us turning around. We thought "We've got to have a drink inside that 2001 Space Odyssey lookin' space ship bar". After we turned off the road and journeyed down our 1 mile long back track mission to the "bar", we found some great old real bars that have since past away. Great pic opportunities. When we got to the space ship that resembled Hal's own Discovery One, we were saddened to find it closed. We were pissed.

This article relevant to my by angela Powell (not verified)
Terrific article! It is a by Hazel Perry (not verified)
Excellent blog here! Also by Guest (not verified)

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