Bonnaroo, Amoeba, Whigs!!!

06 17 2010

Well, it's been a little while since the last post. Time for a little catch up...We just got home from our second year at Bonnaroo. 110 degree temperatures with the heat index which pretty much felt like we were slow roasting in an oven stage. Heat and all, it was a really great show! While there, we also played in the middle of a camp site under the Tennessee sky, rocked a few songs on Warner Brothers' tour bus, performed in a hay shack radio station, took a break to enjoy my birthday cake, washed cake down with a bloody mary, and swam in a Holiday Inn Express pool, fully clothed to cap it all off. As if things weren't going well enough(seriously)...we ALSO had the pleasure of playing at Amoeba Music Hollywood last night. Great turn out, fantastic vibes, AMAZING store. Thanks to all who showed their support and to Amoeba for hosting us and getting behind the new record, are family!
Tonight, we join The whigs for a few shows, San Diego, L.A. and Santa Barbara. Hope to see you out there........Keep going!

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