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02 08 2010

We've given a song called "The Rush" to Paste Magazine's Songs For Haiti. By making a monetary contribution of your choice, you will get access to Paste's download vault of rare and unreleased songs by a bunch of great artists (including a new one from our friends The Watson Twins). It's a treasure trove and the money goes to several great organizations who are helping people get their lives back in order. "The Rush" is a song about hard truths and love and disaster, and was inspired by a trip to New Orleans for JazzFest last year.

thanks for reading this.
With Love.

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Nice song, i love this post. thank a lot for share.
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I am sure that anyone would

I am sure that anyone would like to visit it again and again. After reading this post I got some very unique information which are really very helpful for anyone.

Whenever I recall the

Whenever I recall the stories of Haiti Crisis it still haunts me. In addition to being talented it has always a touching experience to read about your band's philanthropic acts. Kind hearted people never goes unrewarded.

It is great to see efforts

It is great to see efforts for aid in this area. Those of us who live in affluent areas often have more than we need, we should take the time support those who have little. Thanks for organizing such an effort. Providing the basics of clean water and shelter can go a long way in such a place.

Exactly what I was looking

Exactly what I was looking for. It took me quite some time before I came across your site, well worth the pain though. Thanks for the code.

Casualties of the Haiti

Casualties of the Haiti 2010

it was very tragic.

I was very happy that I

I was very happy that I found this website. I wanted to thank you for this great information!! I certainly enjoyed every bit of it and I have bookmarked your website to see the new stuff you post down the road.

Casualties of the 2010 Haiti

Casualties of the 2010 Haiti earthquake include both civilian and government officials, locals and foreigners – however the overwhelming majority of those killed and wounded in the quake were Haitian civilians. A number of public figures died in the earthquake, including government officials, clergy members, musicians, together with foreign civilian and military personnel working with the United Nations

Rush has won a number of

Rush has won a number of Juno Awards, and was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1994. Over their careers, the members of Rush have been acknowledged as some of the most proficient players on their respective instruments, with each band member winning numerous awards in magazine readers' polls.

In the nights following the

In the nights following the earthquake, many people in Haiti slept in the streets, on pavements, in their cars, or in makeshift shanty towns either because their houses had been destroyed, or they feared standing structures would not withstand aftershocks.Construction standards are low in Haiti; the country has no building codes

Hey i really feel very sad

Hey i really feel very sad for the people that faced the earthquake at Haiti.This natural calamity had taken many lives at Haiti.Joel i really appreciate the idea of your's.Great work.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the glimpse


Great song! It is on LP2 (On Approach?)Just checkin'

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