3 Canadian shows left...

04 22 2009

Greetings indeed... from lovely Kelowna, BC. If you ever have a chance to get out this way, I highly recommend it. Yesterday our trusty bus driver Wayne guided us through one of the most beautiful drives we'd ever seen. We passed through Banff National Park, Glacier National Park (different from Montana's Glacier National Park), and then drove along the Okanagan Lake in awe of the crystaline blue/emerald waters. One great view after another. We even saw a black bear at the side of the highway sniffin' through the grass. It was almost like Yellowstone and Yosemite wrapped into one alpine winter day, with a brilliant spring sun showing that summer is knocking. Amazing. Aside from some colds being passed around the bus, we're really having an amazing time hanging with each other. A lot of laughter, for sure. The shows have been amazing and we couldn't be luckier to get to see so much of Canada with Young Neil. The country has been amazing to us and the people have been super sweet. We've been changing the setlist up slightly every night, finding pockets of energy for ourselves and the people we're sharing with. Last show in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan we played Danny Whitten's "Look At All The Things" for the first time in a really long time. Danny's a big influence on my musical sensibilities. The crowd didn't seem to really get into the song, but I thought it was great. Looking over to see Bo Koster hammering away Jack Nitzsche's parts on Neil's old upright gave me chills. I'm pretty sure Jack used to use the same piano with Crazy Horse.

We'll try to post a new batch of pictures to the website soon, but in the meantime we'll put some up on myspace/facebook/myfacespace/facemybook/facespace/whathaveyou. We're on a brand new MCI bus thanks to Elliot Roberts and Vapor Records for this trip, and we've been enjoying it very much. Cooking, watching movies, dancing, and computing all while we roll. This must be the new world. We've been shooting lots of little videos that we'll start posting this week as well. I've got to admit, as nice as the bus is I still miss getting behind the wheel of Shadaysha, our trusty van. Off to the venue for soundcheck soon. Hope yr well.

Master Cleanse Secrets by Cyril (not verified)
It is great to have come by Fancy (not verified)
he country has been amazing by Nopef (not verified)
I'm pretty sure Jack used to by Guest (not verified)
Wow were you in Canada? I by Lyf Sucks (not verified)

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