Everest W/Neil Young Spring 2009

04 11 2009

We arrived in St. John's Newfoundland on the 5th of April. The Island is the 16th largest is in the world, originally a part of Africa. Reportedly, the bay of islands was discovered by the infamous Captain Cook in 1462.

It's a beautiful place, full of character and good souls. We played two nights and had a great time with it. I recommend taking a trip here in the summertime. The best seafood you'll ever taste. Great people, beautiful history and culture. Our next journey was to Halifax, Nova Scotia. We jumped on a plane the size of a town car (pictured above) and had a bumpy ride to Gander, where we transfered to a slightly larger plane that took us the rest of the way to Halifax. We caught a couple taxis to our hotel and settled in for a bit before going down to the Shoe Shop for dinner. You can't walk a square mile there without bumping into a local and having great conversation. The show was one of the best for us, we really enjoyed the vibe at the Metro 1. The crowd even sang "Happy Birthday" to sweet Eli Thomson. Thanks Halifax! See you next time!

Today, we are in Saint John, New Brunswick. We're backstage preparing for tonight's performance. Saint John is beautiful, another sea town full of beautiful people. Looking forward to the show! More soon. -Russell

Good trip Hope to see you by Guest (not verified)
I think you must have great by Guest (not verified)

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