West Coast Tour Wrap Up

03 12 2009

Moving, a reason to do something, impetus. Our band has several reasons to do what we do, but none are stronger than the pull of the music itself, however, the adventure stands next to nothing. We ventured the coast of the Pacific Northwest, took some swings at 70 mile an hour fast balls, skated a half pipe, Visited our Two Sheds in Sacto, snapped into a Slim Jim, thought deeply about cubing the sun, hung out with Richard Swift(his new record melted our hearts),
made up several versions of songs we'll never use, met a boy named Seth, Drank milk, ate Purple donuts, drank Stumptown coffee, watched a river flow through a dining room, danced with hippies, slept for a few hours, pondered the life of Blake, committed sums of hours to Aldous Huxley, read surf magazines, watched America's craziest home videos, played with Day of Lions in Eugene, OR, Saw Mt. Shasta, Took a picture, sold some vinyl, met good people.

ahhhh....life on the road. More soon.


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