Elk-Lake Serenaders

12 06 2008

Last night, we wrapped up our first tour of Canada and it was a blast. We got to play for some of the best crowds we've ever shared an evening with, and hope to get back very soon. Last summer when we were swimming in a pool in LA with Hayden and the guys from Cuff The Duke after a short tour together... it felt like we'd met some friends that we'd know our whole lives. Now we're half a year and a few thousand frozen miles away from that day, but this run of shows has definitely confirmed that bond. It was great to see Corey, Wayne, Dale and Hayden along the road on the this trip. It made it special. If you don't know their music already, please check them out. Last night, for our 2nd show at the Air Canada Center in lovely Toronto, we were joined on stage by Hayden, John & Pat (from Wilco & Autumn Defense), and Anthony Crawford (from Neil's band). It was a special moment to have such warm voices and smiles up there with us. Anthony has been a true friend to our band. He's been working on a tour video that we'll share with you soon. Promise. Wilco was up next and soldiered on through a Glen-less set (he'd been previously booked in NYC with the Kronos Quartet). It was neat to watch crew members Don (Neil's drum tech) and Steve (Wilco's monitor engineer) get up and bang out some songs with them. True pros as always, the Wilco guys inspired us by pulling it all off with grace. Jeff had been throwing up for 2 days with the stomach flu, but you'd never know it. Again, true pros. After their set, I was walking down a hallway and I saw an 70-something-year-old man in a big black brimmed hat and I knew immediately I had to introduce myself. "Hi, Garth, my name is Joel." "Well hello, I've seen you before. I knoooow you." I didn't know what to say to that, but it was surreal and he had an actual mystical twinkle in his eye. I walked straight to our dressing room and said something to the guys I never imagined I'd get to say, "Do you want to meet Garth Hudson?" And, we did. It was like meeting a real life wizard. Next up was Neil's set, and we watched with amazement as we do every night. Words won't do it justice, so I won't try. Our night ended at 4am playing music in Hayden's beautiful home/studio. When I first saw Hayden play in 1994, I never expected that one day we'd end up playing music together in his house. Thank you Hayden and Christie for hosting us. I'm not one bit sorry for keeping you up so late.

We head back into the ol' US today. Looking forward to seeing our dear friend Mike Terry (producer/engineer of Ghost Notes) tomorrow or maybe even tonight.... We'll be taping Daytrotter.com performance in a few days, so look for it on their great site soon. If you go there to check it out, you'll be encompassed by a bunch of great new live music and art. It's an inspiring site. Also, we wanted to let you know that we'll be playing on WXPN Philadelphia's nationally syndicated radio program "World Cafe" on Dec. 11th. It's Davey's birthday that day so I know that one will be special. Try to tune in on your local NPR station if you can, and while you're listening ... ok... back to the van.


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