Ottawa Morning

12 03 2008

We're 3 shows into the tour and it's been even more amazing than we'd imagined. So far the crowds have been even larger and more intense. There's a lot of smiling going on, and I think that everyone involved wishes this tour could go on longer. The Wilco guys are blowing our minds every night with their playing, and it's definitely inspiring me to step it up. And, to boot, they are great to hang out with and are complete gentlemen. The other night Jeff Tweedy said that it was an honor to be sharing the stage with Neil and us, and my heart pert' near exploded. There have been some pretty surreal utopian moments out here. At one point last night, all three bands were working on new songs at the same time. Neil was on stage sound checking new jams with his band, while both Wilco and ourselves had our gear in our huge hockey dressing rooms working away on new ideas. There was a bizarre mashup of Neil, Everest, and Wilco all at once! J. showed us a song and Russ started singing an amazing melody... and... "The Hunted" has been born.... Can't wait to play it live some time soon. Another new song, "Keeping The Score" has been making it into the set every night. Feels good to be creating while we're out traveling. A newborn-baby live version of that song from the LA Echoplex show is available for free download at

Also, we got some nice news from back home. Our local radio station Indie 103.1 has added one of our songs to rotation. If you want to support them playing our music on the air, please call and request "Rebels In The Roses" at (877) 900-1031 or you can request it online from anywhere at:

Ok, time to pile in the van and head to Toronto for 3 nights. It should be an great time. More on that soooooooooooon.....

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