Leg 2 Begins...

11 28 2008

Hello from Halifax, Nova Scotia. We're looking out at the Atlantic Ocean right now from our hotel in this beautiful eastern Canadian port. We just arrived after flying to Newark where we rented a van and did the drive up into Canada. So far, all has been going smoothly. We drove all day yesterday before stopping in Woodstock, New Brunswick. The sole inhabitants of a Howard Johnson hotel, it felt a little bit like The Shining. After a foggy but beautiful drive we crossed the border from Maine into New Brunswick. The border guard recognized us as Everest and mentioned that he was going to the show (a 5 hour drive from there). He also told us to get some rest. A nice welcome back to Canada.... and I must say that the Canadians have been lovely to us so far, much like Leg 1. The only possible exception to that was an intense woman who asked to see our van at a gas station today. We said "sure" but our smiles quickly turned to bewilderment when she told us that if we were in a wreck, we'd have "no chance of life." She put the spook on us for sure, and we all piled back into the van scratching our heads while strapping on our seatbelts. In any event, here we are... back to living life on the road.

Tonight we're getting settled and hope to meet up with our friend Dale Murray from the band Cuff The Duke. We'll try to update this page as often as possible, so check back in and say "hi" to us. First show with Wilco and Neil tomorrow!

hang tight for more soon.........

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