Euro Tour 08 With MMJ

07 08 2008

Well....were do I begin, I suppose by saying this tour has been amazing, spiritual, eye opening, tasty, as all get out!
We've shared the stage with My Morning Jacket for several shows and it's been so fantastic. The nicest guys in the world, and such a good band!
Jim, Bo, and Carl have joined us on some of the shows to play Bob Dylan's, "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere". Its a pleasure to play with those dudes for sure.
I'll fill in the details in a massive journal entry once we get home, but for now its gotta be the short overview. We are well and happy to be in Europe and
touring with friends and peers.

Oh...and...we played with Neil Young in Ireland last week!! All I can say is it was a dream come true for us. He is a hero, and he plays his heart out every
night. He's a living example of purity.

More very soon,


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