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06 29 2008

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I am really excited for this

I am really excited for this show and though the show is still two weeks from now I already have a ticket for it. - Rehak Creative Services

Then off to see our friends

Then off to see our friends in San Diego to headline Indie 94.9's Rocktoberfest outdoor stage at West Coast Tavern on Saturday evening.

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She called me late last

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Enjoyed your short but

Enjoyed your short but excellent set at Malahide on sunday, highlight was, Glen Hansard joining you on stage.
Hope to see you again, hopefully in Scotland.
It was nice to see 2 of you checking out Neil's guitars....
Enjoy rest of your tour, checkout the Waterboys, especially Richard Naiff and Steve Wickam.

Ian ( Inverness, Scotland. )

After years of waiting and

After years of waiting and checking for Neil Young to come to London, UK we blinked and missed it (much wailing and wringing of hands!). Then we saw there was the concert at Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin, Ireland so we grabbed the chance, got some tickets and flew over. Neil was awesome. Not sure where he gets all that energy from. Takes a lot to break all those strings and he certainly gave his all! Definitely one of those need to be pinched as we might have dreamed being there moments. Anyway, we didn't know what support Neil was going to have (no, not referring to his underwear elastic!) so it topped it all when we found out The Frames were on the bill, plus a band called Everest that we had never heard of. Yet when we returned from Ireland we immediately looked you guys up on the net because you left us wanting more! Great sound, and we hope to hear more of it. Cheers from Diane & Jamie Hunt, Kent UK. :-)

Hey Guys, Fantastic gig

Hey Guys,
Fantastic gig yesterday, I have a review of the day on my music blog here :
if you guys want to check it out, cheers for adding to a great day,
Best Regards,

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