Europe, Here we come....!

06 22 2008

Tomorrow, we board a plane bound for London. I can't tell you how excited I am to play in this band over in Europe for 3 weeks. Its a dream come true. We'll be sharing the stage with our hero Neil Young and we can't really process how cool that is, what an incredible honor. On top of that, we'll be opening for our friends My Morning Jacket! It couldn't be a better tour. So, wish us luck...I'll try and keep the blog updated as much as possible, but I may be a little slower on the draw.

I'd like to say thanks on behalf of the band to our families, who've supported us in ways we'll never be able to repay, thank you all so much. We couldn't do this without you!!!

Quick recap of Spaceland and Pasadena shows:

Spaceland was amazing. Best one yet!

Pasadena was interesting. Played an outdoor courtyard to a bunch of friends and family and a lot of people who didn't know the band. I think it went over well. It was so hot, we felt like we were baking up the energy was a little low. It was a good show though and afterwards we hung out with family and it was really sweet to be together and catch up. The night ended it always should.

Europe is such a wonderful by Guest (not verified)

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