6/12/08 New Orleans, One Eyed Jacks

06 14 2008

Spending my birthday in New Orleans with my friends was amazing to say the least. I have a deep respect for The Big Easy and it’s culture and music. As we pulled into the French Quarter, we headed down Toulouse St. toward the venue. The clouds were huge puffy white in the blue sky, outlined by the sunlight and appearing to glow behind us. The venue was inviting and cool and they welcomed us with southern charm. The sound guy Jay is a friend I’ve made from playing there in the past. What a great person, always happy. He taught me a New Orleans birthday tradition by pinning a $5 on my shirt, he told me that if I walked around with the money on my lapel that people would add $$ to it throughout the night. He was right, during the show, after the show and at dinner, people kept approaching me and wishing me happy birthday and pinning money on me. I smiled a never-ending smile, thanks Jay! Thanks New Orleans!!
The Everest Lads were so good to me. They bought me fresh beignets from Café Du Monde, a souvenir mug, coffee with chicory and beer. What more could one ask for? Well then, the club’s staff brought back a case of beer and a fifth of Knob Creek, Kentucky bourbon from some secret admirers from California. An incredibly sweet gift that we enjoyed just the right amount of during the night. Thank you very much my people, you are all so amazing! What a great night.

We went to Delachaise for a late dinner after the show compliments of Vapor Records. We ordered olives and scalloped potatoes, black rice in wine reduction, bruchetta, crawfish, and pomes frits met mayo and we passed the plates and took bites, sharing the food as we discussed the flavors, politics, baseball and whiskeys. It was beautiful and it is frozen in with my best memories forever. Thanks everybody…I love you all.

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