Brooklyn 6/6/08

06 09 2008

Friday Night at Union Hall was such a great experience. It was the icing on the Brooklyn cake for us. Thanks to our New York family and friends and the staff for making us feel welcome and appreciated. For those who have never been to Union Hall, it’s a beautifully appointed establishment, decked out to look like a study in a turn of the century aristocrat’s home. Though the décor and lighting leans toward sophistication, the vibe is mellow and inviting. I’ve loved this place since the first time I visited a couple of years ago while J. and I were on tour with The Watson Twins. They have 2 Bocce Ball courts down the middle of a large room lit by a fireplace and candelabra’s. Downstairs is where the music happens; in a small space that the band and I are convinced is one of the best sounding rooms we’ve played. The show was more connected than the Mercury Lounge performance, we got the thread back and played like we do in our rehearsal room. Unguarded, experimenting and growing, falling back without fear, knowing someone will catch you. I tell you, there are few things in life that feel this good, I’m so thankful. Thanks Skippy, and all at Union Hall for having us.

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Lauren and Aaron for putting us up for basically two weeks in Brooklyn. You are family to us and we love you guys. Thanks to Fergie the cat for tolerating us. Thanks to our buddy Marshall for being kind and pointing us in the direction of a fine meal (Bar Todo), and a delicious beer (The Beer Table). Thanks to our pals Jeff and Megan for the grilling, horse shoes, and kindness. Thanks to our dear friend Mary Catherine for being cute as a button and supporting us as only she can by coming out to hang with us after one of the longest workdays of her existence. THANKS ONE AND ALL NEW YORK CITY!

That statue is really by Nova Science Publishers (not verified)

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