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06 06 2008

When staying in Brooklyn, I often think of a line from the Tom Waits song "I'll Take You New York," where he asks, "Hey , do you have two tens for a five?" You can easily spend ALL of your money here in no time at all.

We are staying with our lovely friends Lauren and Aaron. They've got a great place in Brooklyn and we've basically moved in this month. Between the Conan show and this week we'll have stayed with them 7 nights. They are too kind. The photo at the top of this blog is of their cat Fergie. She is a sweet cat. We had a photo shoot with her this morning and I think it went really well. She seems happy.
Joel and I are on the lap tops now, he's checking emails and I'm here doing this. Gonna try and go for a walk in Prospect Park today, then meet our friend Marshall for lunch. Thanks to our friends Meagan and Jeff for having us over for a Bar-B-Q last night at their place in Williamsburg. Jeff cooked some wonderful food and we played horse shoes. A really good night.

Tonight we play Union Hall here in Brooklyn.....More soon....

Off to get a shoe shine.

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