Z. The Great

06 04 2008

6/2/08 Chicago - The Abbey

We tried very hard to make it to Chicago by 3pm, reason being, Hot Doug's. A hot dog/encased meat stand that claims to have the freshest local meat (they also have vegetarian options). Another highlight on the menu, fries cooked in duck fat. Wow. So... We hit some traffic and missed our window so we drove to the club. The Abbey is one of my favorite places to play, thanks largely to the sound engineer Gary, who also plays tuba and drives a toyota. The sound is amazing! At one point during soundcheck, my monitors sounded so fantastic that I asked Gary to marry me, "okay." was his response...Haha.

Our friend Zoran The Great and the Expert showed up. Zoran brought his wife Anita and about 30 friends! Bless you Zoran! You made the night really special for us.
The show went really well. We played together real well and the people in the room seemed happy to be there which is all you can ask for. After the show, we met some friends and had a beer. Great night!! Thanks Chicago. Thanks to all the staff at The Abbey, you were kind and hospitable and we appreciate you.


It seems you guys love to by Mint Cool (not verified)

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